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How to use PassKeys with iOS 16

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Never again will you need to remember a long five-digit password when signing in to your favorite app or website. With the release of iOS 16, users are given the option to replace passwords with digital keys while still having access to their fingerprints or face detection.


So what are PassKeys, and how do they function? Read on to learn more about how to use PassKeys with your iOS 16 device.

How to use PassKeys with iOS 16

What does the passkey mean, and how does it work with iOS 16?

As mentioned above, PassKeys are digital keys. These keys are stored on all your Apple devices and are meant to replace passwords. These digital keys use Apple’s cloud keychain tech and sync all your Apple devices. These PassKeys are also linked to the app you created them for.

This reduces the risk of phishing attacks where someone tries to sign you up for a fake website or app. PassKeys are one of the most secure features released by Apple. You can now have complete and instant access to all your accounts and apps without remembering any passwords.

How are PassKeys different from the cloud keychain?

Although the cloud keychain does a similar thing where it auto-enters usernames and passwords, PassKeys are more secure. With this feature, there is no password. Instead, a cryptographic key pair is created once you create an account. One key stays with the app server, and the other key is stored in the cloud keychain. This private key remains unknown. When trying to log in, your phone authorizes PassKeys using Face ID or Touch ID, and this authentication is sent to the app.

How safe is passkey in comparison with LastPass?

Lastpass is ideal for businesses with multiple users. There are charges per user. Although the system is secure, it gets expensive to scale up. PassKeys, on the other hand, are free to use. However, this is purely for personal use.

The setup for Lastpass is not that easy as compared with PassKeys. The support quality for Lastpass is also not that great compared to PassKeys.

What is the procedure to activate PassKeys for iOS 16?

  1. Create an account

    How to use PassKeys with iOS 16

    To use PassKeys on your iPhone, you first need to check which apps and websites it supports. You will need to enter your password as usual for websites not supported.

    Before using PassKeys, you must first create an account on their site. After creating your account, you will find your saved PassKeys under the passwords menu in the settings section. This section will also tell you for which sites PassKeys have been created.

  2. Enable PassKeys

    How to use PassKeys with iOS 16

    To switch on PassKeys, all you need to do is go to settings. From there, you need to click on profile and iCloud. Then you need to select passwords and keychain. You must then click on sync this iPhone. After that, you need to enter your iPhone and iCloud passcodes to proceed.

Secure your iPhone

Overall, PassKeys is an excellent iOS 16 feature and can go a long way to secure your personal information. To check more features of the iOS 16, download the latest version here. If you’re looking for new iOS 16 chargers, read more here to know if you need one. You can also check out App Lock or Password Manager if you’re looking for similar password apps.

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