Apple wants to start showing you more ads on your iPhone

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We’ve been reporting on the development of iOS 16 for a while now including news of new Photoshop-like editing features, tweaks to iMessage, and possible security changes and updates. Today, however, the news is a little more mixed as reports are saying that rather than looking to update features or boost capabilities, Apple is instead looking for ways to show you more ads on your iPhone. Let’s take a look at what is going on.

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At the moment, Apple will show iPhone users ads whenever they are using the News, App Store, and Stocks apps. This could be about to change, however, as a Bloomberg report states that the company is internally testing new methods for showing ads in other Apple proprietary iPhone apps like Apple Maps, Podcasts, and Books.

Apple wants to start showing you more ads on your iPhone

You will get no prizes for guessing that the motivation behind this move is revenue. Certain execs at Apple are hoping to boost the company’s ad revenue from currently around $4 billion a year to over $10 billion. These new ad placements in Apple apps will form just one way to try and push forward this aggressive profit-expanding agenda.

It is expected that Apple will allow businesses to pay for higher rankings and positions in searches on Apple Maps with a wider strategy giving business owners more flexibility in how they will spend their advertising budgets at Apple.

Not all users will be happy about this move from Apple because the iPhone is supposed to be a premium device. When you are paying upwards of $1,000 for a phone you have can have a reasonable expectation that you have paid in full and so don’t need to be fed ads so that the company behind the device can further monetize your ownership of it.

With iOS 16’s release just around the corner, this move could take a bit of the shine off of Apple’s new flagship mobile iOS. Although, while some users won’t be happy about this move, there will certainly be others that won’t mind it at all.

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